me and the bear

I was born in Chicago near Lincoln Park Zoo, but grew up pretty much in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I graduated from high school in 1968 and felt like I had already lived half my life. As it turned out, my life had just begun.

Since 1970, I have worked with a camera and film to capture images. In 1998, I switched to a digital camera, and to the scanner to capture objects and create composites.

Each image I make is done with respect for the subject and is designed to put the viewer in an easy state of understanding even if the environment is foreign to the person looking at it. Through my work, I try to bring those things taken for granted to life and open people's eyes to them.

I believe a successful artist never "captures" a moment but actually "releases" it to others. The medium of photography, be it still photos or video is a way of life for me. With my work, I strive to transcend the documentary nature of the format by the sheer force of the experience.